Reengineering Activities: Well Begun Is Half Done

| Vasyl Soloshchuk

Reengineering Activities

Having acquired expertise in reengineering enterprise software systems, I want to share what I believe to be the main points that allow us to make projects successful. There are a number of risks from clumsy solutions when changing software. That is why I think that preparing for the project is one of the most responsible stages of the process.

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When Software Reengineering Is Recommended

| Vasyl Soloshchuk

Reengineering Recommended

Maintaining an existing system is an important stage of the software system lifecycle. Over time the software gets older, the technologies used become outdated, maintenance problems and costs grow and business processes change. Then, reengineering is on the agenda. Reengineering will boost a software system’s longevity and help avoid new development costs.

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Optimization Under Constant Load Increase

| Vasyl Soloshchuk


The question of system performance worries users as well as the person responsible for business software. Clients don’t want to tolerate the poor performance of your software. Here, we discuss what can be done to avoid negative effects of poor performance, on every step from software development to reengineering.

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